Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spatial Violence

To hit someone is to forcefully take the space they are occupying. When we punch or push someone, we physically overtake the space they were occupying with use of strength and that results in violence. The more we want to displace someone from their space the more violent we get.

This violence occurs even on the mental level when we try to push our ideas down someone's throat. That's like occupying somebody's mental space. The more forcefully we try to dole out these ideas, more intellectually violent we become.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Keep Carrying Or Drop It

I had this heavy bag in my hand as I entered the lift. Lift was going up to the top floor which takes sometime and I thought this weight had to be carried all the while. Why not put it down? anyway lift is carrying both- mine and bags- weights.

Ah! it was a load off.

Whether I kept exhausting myself with the weight or put it down doesn't make any difference to the efforts of the lift or change the result finally, but to me, it made a great difference. Now I could stretch myself, look around, think about things, sing, dance or do whatever I wanted, being free from this load off me.

Ain't existence like that? Moving and carrying everything together at once in totality. We burden ourselves with this heavy weight of getting things done, only to find out things have their own ways of working. Rather than being playful about our activities we exert ourselves, become tense, stress and worry, become happy or sad but may be, the end is the same whether one carried the load in hand or put it down and let existence carry it.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Sunday, 29 March 2015

What Is And What Was

Many a times one regrets the decisions taken in the past and now thinks if the decision was taken otherwise, it would have resulted for the better. But what one fails to recognize is that in the past when the decision was taken, the state of mind and situations around were different than what it is now. Before taking most of the decisions one weighs the options and chooses what seems the best in that moment but later on when things don't turn out the way one wished mind starts imagining alternate choices forgetting the ideas bought into while taking the past decisions, and based on the present circumstances superimpose ideas from the present onto the past imagining a resultantly desirable present or future.

Its impossible to take into consideration all the effects a choice will result in and the variables involved in any moment are enormous and vast. The way things happen is a bona fide to their authenticity and probably they could have come to pass differently but the truth is that they didn't. One is always choosing what appears best and right, there seems no other way. So regretting about a past choice makes no sense because if one puts oneself again in the past situation- by recollecting how one actually felt in the past and not by placing the present self in the past- one would take the same decision again.

There is no need to confuse between what is and what was and burden oneself with the weight of past choices. Seeing life totally in the present for whatever it is one can live much more qualitatively. If past choices haunt then one can address those choices differently if they happen to appear again in the present, and what will result from those choices? well, why not exercise ones imagination again.

Saturday, 28 March 2015


Desiring, is a funny activity. The things or not-things one desires lead to the end of that desire. Like when one desires an object, the moment that object is obtained, the desire for it vanishes. So in a way desire is an self-destructive activity, itself leading to its destruction. Stronger the desire, sooner it wants to self-destruct.
Is true enjoyment in desiring or obtaining? Why do we want to be without desire all the time? at least thats what is suggested, as most of ones activities arise out of some desire to do this or that, to get this or that, to achieve, to reach, to fill ones stomach, to sleep comfortably, to be free, to be loved, to be religious or spiritual and on and on it goes. We also desire to be desire less, but is that possible?
Can one conceive an activity which is not motivated by some want or an appetite? Is one capable of such an activity? Desire seem to never end but jump from object to object or feeling or emotion or person. Is there one who can say -Thats it! All my desires have ben fulfilled and I no more desire.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Not This Not That

Have you observed yourself in a mood where you do not want to do this or that or anything else? You do not want to work, you think may be you should chill for a while, but even that is not it. You think you may watch a movie or read a book or just do nothing, but alas! you are in a spot where you are just clueless of what is it that you feel like. Anything you do, even resting can lead to a state of irritation. You flounder with different things, try this or that but none seem to make sense. You wonder what is it that you feel this moment? what could end this anxiety? what is it that you are supposed to do? In that helpless state of predicament there is no option left ! What can you can do about it rather than let it pass.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Little Secrets

Many a thoughts, does not see the light of the day. Some wild, some ugly, some rebellious, some vulgar, some noble, good or evil, sane, insane. There exists a tension whether their expression is valid or not, what repercussions they might cause once they are out in the open, they may not leave life the same? Also there is a fear of making them real through expression or whether there is a need to even speak them giving them undue attention, whether one is really the thoughts one think or is there a difference? What will be the image created once the thoughts have taken shape of a language, the image which one has nurtured all of one's life a single action can shatter it to pieces.

I wonder whether everyone goes through this and is aware of such turmoil inside? This dilemma of whether to say or not to say. Doubting, analyzing ones own self in shock and horror, wondering what makes you capable of such ideas. Whether expressing them is genuine or letting them be is.

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